Outdoor Living Spaces

Artisan Landscape Outdoor Living focuses on creating Outdoor Living Spaces in all of our designs.  An Outdoor Living Space is different from a typical landscape because they are much more functional and comfortable, encouraging people to spend time outside doing things they would normally do inside.

The design philosophy we use when creating an Outdoor Living Space is to imitate the spaces in which we have grown accustomed to spending our time indoors.  Each area must have a defined function, the necessary amenities,  a floor, walls and a ceiling.  By mimicking the layout of the inside in a creative way,  people feel more comfortable outside and tend to spend more time in their Outdoor Living Spaces.

The types of Outdoor Living Spaces we can create are only limited by creativity.  Some spaces we have already come up with are Outdoor Great Rooms, Outdoor Kitchens, Outdoor Theaters, Outdoor Offices, Outdoor Reading Rooms and Outdoor Exercise Rooms.

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