How to Host a Great Outdoor Party!

Step one to hosting a great outdoor party is to have an outdoor room for your party!  Honestly, I can’t help you with your party beyond helping you with the room for your party, so perhaps it is time to hire a party planner.  But a well-designed Outdoor Great Room will provide the space for the magic to happen.
An Outdoor Great Ro0m is the most common outdoor living space added to a landscape.  An Outdoor Great Room is usually used as a social gathering area.  Though frequently not developed into an outdoor living space, a patio or deck is used as an Outdoor Great Room. 
By adding walls and a ceiling–real or implied–like we did in the rendering here to the left, with the sitting wall and trees, and by accessorizing the space, like we did with the chairs, fireplace and pot, the space is transformed into an outdoor living space that is very comfortable to hold social gatherings. 
The area becomes even more convenient if it is placed close to the home and has access to power and perhaps a source for music to enhance the ambience of the space.

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