Do You Limit What You Can Do With Your Yard?

Are you limiting your outdoor living spaces with conventional thinking?  Have you ever caught yourself saying that is just not possible?

The good news is that if you are telling yourself that something is not possible, then you are at least daring to think creatively about your yard.  The bad news is that you need to stretch yourself and start to think how things can be possible rather than writing those ideas off immediately.

Outdoor OfficeThis picture is a rendering I did of an outdoor office.  I understand that at first, this seems completely impractical, but some part of you hopes it is possible, right? 

With some creative problem solving, you can take this outdoor living space and add electrical, internet and phone access, a little more privacy than normal, and weather proof, locking cabinets and before you know it, the impossible becomes possible.

This space is ideal for those who work at home on the phone or on the computer.  We have also included a fax machine here for convenience. 

With an outdoor office, you can either work outside and keep an eye on the kids while they play, or you can locate the office in a more secluded location and successfully escape to your own little sanctuary, perhaps out next to a small stream or waterfall, so you can work in peace and avoid constant interruptions.

The overall point is to expand your thinking and not limit your yard because it may seem impractical at first.  With a little creative thinking, you can create very functional and enjoyable outdoor living spaces.

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