Escape In Your Very Own Yard

Places to cook outside and to gather socially outside are a great starting point for your Outdoor Living Spaces.  But after that, I like to focuse on the adults in the home. 
If there are kids, they will most assuredly have their lawn space or even a playground, but kids will be creative and have fun anywhere outside if left to their own imagination.  Unfortunately, adults tend to lose that creativity and require some loving guidance to feel that they fit in with their landscape. 
The simplest Outdoor Living Space that can be added is a little get away sanctuary that I usually refer to as a reading room.  You don’t have to actually read in a reading room, but it should be a room set apart from the house and secluded to some degree in the landscape to provide much needed serenity after a long day’s or week’s work. 

Reading Room
A reading room should be simple in layout and include the necessities of an environment conducive to peace and relaxation.  Remember to include the basics of an Outdoor Living Space and to place comfortable sitting or  lying  furniture in the area.  Picture what makes you feel calm and relaxed and perhaps incorporate a fire pit or a small fountain to add to the overall mood of the environment. 
A reading room is really all about the feeling, so if possible, consult a feng shui expert to create your space, because a feng shui expert will help with the proper placement and flow of chi in the area, and perhaps even help to create prosperity and abundance in other aspects of your life as well!


MacDonald Reading Room

 This is a picture of the MacDonald residence reading room.  A space we created to be a calm and serene get away in their own back yard.  They included a small fire pit in their reading room to make the room usable for more of the year.


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