How to Buy More Time

There are some rather inexpensive ways that you can buy more time when it comes to maintaining your Outdoor Living Spaces and flower beds.  Mulch is one of those ways to buy yourself more time.

I have spoken briefly about the water-saving qualities of mulch, but mulch can also cut down on maintenance time by limiting the number of weeds that pop up in your flower beds and Outdoor Living Spaces.  Four inches of mulch will strangle out most weeds.  Not to mention, it looks so much better.

Remember that when you are buying mulch, it is most cost effective to buy in bulk, by the yard.  One yard of mulch will cover 81 square feet, four inches deep. 

Rake the mulch each spring to freshen it up and add a little bit more as the mulch breaks down.  I recommend going with dyed mulch because it will look nice for a longer period of time. 

So invest in mulch and buy back countless hours of back-breaking weeding!  You will smile as you spend time playing in your yard instead of working in it.

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