Running the Gauntlet

My kids love to watch the show Ninja Warrior.  Myriads of individuals dedicate their whole lives to mastering Mount Midoriama, the nearly impossible, japanese obstacle course.  I watch the show with my children, remembering the time when I would have thought the obstacle course very fun, but now…well, let’s just say I creak a little more than I used to.

You could very safely say that I am in no condition to run a modern day gauntlet, so why should I in my Outdoor Living Spaces and flower beds.  I cringe every time I visit Jordan Landing in West Jordan because they have thousands of feet of five foot wide strips in the middle of the roads with three foot high rolling hills  and covered in grass.  Those little hills would be an absolute nightmare to take care of–hours of tight turns and ups and downs.  Even after that, hours of string trimming would be required to keep it looking nice.  That, my friends, is the ultimate gauntlet.  The landscape architect there must have hated the maintenance people!

Previously, I spoke about getting to equipment easily and then getting it to the various maintenance spots.  The actual spots should be easy to maintain also.  Identify problem spots and make quick changes!  Some things to look for are tight radius’ or corners in the lawn, lawn planted right up to the fence, cacti that you have to weed up next to, grass right up next to tree trunks, rock mulch that isn’t at least three inches thick and multi-layered (rocks are a pain to weed in), grass in park strips and in any strip smaller than five feet wide, and shrubs or trees planted too close together or too close to a structure like your home.

Notice a recurring culprit?  Lawn requires a LOT of time.  That is why I love when a person tells me they want something low maintenance, so they just want grass everywhere. 

Anyway, make life easier on yourself, unless you plan to take an active part in the American Gladiators revival!  Get rid of those difficult maintenance spots.

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