Benefits of Being a Client

Likely you have checked out the About Page and have seen a little bit about my education and experience.  But what does that all mean for you?

First of all, I am a businessman who owns a landscape design and project management company–I am not a landscaper.  We strive to set ourselves apart from the typical construction experience by:

  • Communicating daily with all of our current clients in order to prevent problems from lack of communication
  • Marketing and customer appreciation
  • Tracking jobs through professional bookkeeping strategies to decrease the cost to you by being more efficient
  • Utilizing the state construction registry to protect the client from inappropriate liens against the property
  • Requiring us to be responsible to you for timelines and standards by using a professionally drafted contract
Secondly, as a Horticulturist with extensive education and a broad range of experience, I can ensure that:
  • Your landscape will improve with age–fewer plants will die; plants will not be crowded or outgrow their surroundings; the correct plants will be placed in the correct spot; and the flowers I choose will be unique, the colors you want with color year-round
  • The irrigation for the plants will be appropriate to provide water to the landscape while conserving water and preventing watering of open areas and hardscape as much as possible
  • Upon request, you can be properly educated on the care and maintenance of all aspects of your landscape
Last, as a landscape designer:
  • Your project will be designed using the Outdoor Living Spaces philosophy
  • Your landscape will become a living work of art
  • Your landscape will stand out as unique and original
What you need to know before calling:
  • I will not be the lowest bid on any single service.  I can give very competitive prices for the work I do for you, but I feel I price my services as fair for you and profitable for myself, which frequently means my prices are above my competitors.
  • I do my landscape installation from a design–yours or mine.  I consider a design to be a part of the contract defining what will be done on your project.  This helps with the communication I feel is so important.  The only exception to this is flower bed design, for which I follow a different set of procedures.
  • My landscape design work is done around a budget.  The budget is yours and you can choose to alter it as necessary, but as with building a house I must have a number to work with to let you know if all of the components you want included in your landscape are feasible or not.
  • My initial consultation is free of charge.
After looking through this information, when you feel I may be a good fit for you and your project, please give me a call and we can schedule our initial consultation.


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