Landscapes and Weight Loss

After reading the previous post, you should be all primed for creative thinking about Outdoor Living Spaces.  So, for those of you who have rooms or closets full of free weights, treadmills and exercise videos that are all collecting dust, you might consider recommitting yourself to toning that flab with an outdoor exercise room.

Outdoor Exercise RoomThe rendering here is of an outdoor exercise room.  The space includes the basic necessities for a decent at-home work out with the bike for cardio, the bench and free weights for weight training and a soft floor area and padded wall for stretching.  Also included are outlets for the exercise equipment and for music for the area.

Could there be a better place to work out than in your own serene and peaceful location in your back yard, away from interruptions and excuses!  An Outdoor Exercise Room is a great idea for an Outdoor Living Space.

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