Nostalgia in Your Landscape

Remember going to the drive-in?  My family used to load the back of the car with bean bag chairs, blankets and lawn chairs and then set up elaborate lounges in the parking lot of the drive-in to watch to double feature on the big screen.

Outdoor TheaterNow you can have your very own version of a drive-in for your back yard and invite back that nostalgia into your life.  This is a rendering of an outdoor theater.  Along with the standard elements of an Outdoor Living Space, we have a weather proof and climate controlled, locking housing for the television and computer, a small shed for storing the blankets and chairs for the area, and terraced levels for seating.

The computer is networked with the computers in the house and all of the owner’s dvd’s and cd’s are stored on the computer and can be accessed from the wireless mouse and keyboard for watching movies or listening to music conveniently.  The satellite or cable connection and the internet are also connected to the television through the computer so that you can watch t.v. or surf the internet outside.

So make your back yard the ultimate for parties or family time by adding an outdoor theater to your back yard!

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