Why Outdoor Living Spaces?

Outdoor Reading RoomThousands of years now have passed with humans on the Earth and mankind has evolved tremendously.  There are several things which have remained constant throughout the generations, though, and one of those things is man’s need for shelter. 


However mundane or elaborate the shelter may be, mankind has always strived to spend at least a portion of each day inside.  There are many arguments about the reasons behind this including security from predators, privacy from others, safety from the elements and the convenience of all of our modern day innovations. 


Perhaps there is just something innately comfortable about being inside.  Whatever the reason, you feel comfortable, safe and secure inside and have been taught to live inside.


However, many people feel very comfortable outside also.  The call of nature is very strong for those people and they look forward to excursions into the wild and untamed nether reaches of our world for recreation and relaxation. 


Ironically enough, frequently these excursions end each night with the people tucked away safe and secure inside their own little portable shelter.  One could safely conclude that, even when outside, people crave the nearby access to safety, security and convenience.


For those who enjoy spending their time outside, it just makes good sense to provide them with the safety and security that they crave.  This is how outdoor living spaces evolve.  You incorporate elements from our shelters into the outdoors in order to provide those who enjoy spending time outside with the safety, security, comfort and convenience of being inside. 


In contrast, think for a moment about your yard.  There are a wide variety of yards out there from well-designed plantings and hardscape lines to mud-free and simple. 


My intent is not to insult anyone with this description, but think of your yard as I describe suburban America.  The front yard includes some nice plants up next to the house and a nice kidney bean planting bed with a tree in the middle of your large lawn.  Your back yard may be fenced in and you have a few nice plants along the back property line.  A nice patio area or deck is connected to the door from your house to your back yard. 


You may have indulged and, instead of concrete in your front or back yard, you went with stamped concrete or pavers.  Splurging a little bit more bought you a nice water feature in your front or back yard. 


Every where else is grass.  Grass that you have to water, mow, aerate, fertilize—sometimes weed—and be very meticulous about in order to prevent your yard from becoming the eyesore of the neighborhood.  And by the way, you call that low maintenance landscaping! 


If you are really fancy, you might have thrown in a gazebo, sport court or putting green, which is an excellent move toward outdoor living spaces, but is still just only a start. 


With as large or small, and as fancy or simple as your yard may be, how much time do you actually spend outside?  And I don’t include spending time maintaining the yard.  What do you do in your yard besides sending the children out there to play?


This is the reason for outdoor living spaces.  When you design your yard to make it more functional, you reclaim what may very well be the largest room you own and make it more than just a nice canvas upon which to place your home.  Your yard becomes a safe, secure, comfortable and convenient place to spend time.  After all, deep down you really want to live, play and enjoy life outside…

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