Informal Flower Bed Designs for Outdoor Living Spaces

The philosophy I employ for designing informal flower beds for Outdoor Living Spaces comes from Peter Lassig, who was the head gardener at the Salt Lake City Temple grounds.  I have included here my new podcast which explains the very basics of how to design an informal flower bed.

I will be including soon an Itunes enhanced podcast which will include the illustrations below.  For now, and if you do not use Itunes, you can follow along with the slides below.  I will also include with the enhanced podcast post several pictures of the flower beds at Temple Square in Salt Lake.

[audio: artisan-lol-podcast-ep3.mp3] Artisan LOL Podcast Ep 3

Informal Flower Bed Design

In this podcast I discuss Informal flower bed design. The history of informal Flower Bed Design. How Informal Flower Bed Design compares with Formal Flower Bed Design. Showing you how Informal Flower bed design can be used in your garden.

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