Watering with a Firehose: Impact Heads

Impact heads are the heads popularly known as rainbirds–at least to people in Utah.  These are also the heads that inspired the dance move and several jokes I have heard. 

These heads are likewise celebrated by those who understand irrigation as the most efficient heads on the market!  If you are going to water a large area then these are the best heads to use…and in the words of Frank Catton (Bernie Mac), “Nuff Said!”

In fact, I would go so far as to say that if you are going to use one of the three heads mentioned to water your Outdoor Living Space or Flower Bed, then you should design that area to have at least 30 foot to 45 foot dimensions so you can use these heads to water.  That is what I do.

These heads do have negatives.  They do have to be nozzled up like the rotors, so check out the previous post for information on how to do that best.

They also can only be used on larger spaces and operate ideally at 60 p.s.i.  So design your spaces to be larger and use a pump if you have to raise your pressure in your system.  If is worth it to be able to use these heads.

The last disadvantage of these heads is that they can have lawn or groundcover grow into the casing, causing them to get plugged up and stop working.  The answer to this is to make sure to keep the plantings directly around them trimmed back.

In case you hadn’t noticed yet, these are my favorite heads to use when watering with overhead spray heads!


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