Reducing Shady Behavior Around Your Home

As I mentioned yesterday, shade is very beneficial in the summertime, but can cause problems in the winter.  I suggested using deciduous trees in the Outdoor Living Spaces and flower beds around your home to add shade in the summer, but not so much in the summer. 

I also mentioned briefly the importance of selecting the appropriate trees for these plantings in order to maximize the shade in the summer and minimize the shade in the winter.  Another principle that goes hand in hand with proper selection is proper pruning. 

I mentioned in the post Keeping Your Investments Healthy, that a tree grows very differently in an urban landscape than it does in nature.  Perhaps you could say that plants in the landscape have obesity problems.  It goes without saying that a tree that has far too many leaves will also have far too many branches to support the leaves.  More branches equals more shade in the winter time. 

Therefore, a proper pruning program will maintain the amount of shading in the summer, but reduce the shading in the winter, therefore preventing  major setbacks to reducing your overall heating and energy costs and the sustainability of your landscape.

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