Landscape Design for the Salt Lake Utah Area

All Outdoor Living Spaces and flower beds begin with exquisite design–design like I have been doing for the Salt Lake area for the last ten years. 

For me, Outdoor Living Spaces are more than just a passing trend or a buzz word, it is a way of life.  My design philosophy focuses on implementing outside the many elements that make the different rooms in our house comfortable.  When done the way that I design Outdoor Living Spaces, spending time in your Outdoor Rooms is liberating and relaxing, yet every bit as comfortable as a room inside your home. 

Think for a moment about your yard.  How much time do you actually spend outside–and how much time would you like to spend outside?  As I like to say, if the only time you are spending in your yard is mowing, then we need to talk!  If you would just as soon be cooking outside, reading outside, working in an outdoor office, watching movies outside, exercising in your yard, or maybe meditating and relaxing in your own little zen, then we need to talk.  Let us help you to live, play, and enJOY…Life OUTSIDE!

For those of you after a huge colorful impact, or just year round color and interest, I design informal or formal flower beds.  A well designed flower bed is the second key to a beautiful garden.

My informal design philosophy is based on the same design philosophy used in the world renowned gardens at Temple Square in Salt Lake City.  Most of the time, an informal garden is the answer for your flower beds, because of the feeling I create with the layout and the plant selection.

My formal design philosophy comes from years of studying the formal gardens of France and Italy.  Formal gardens create a very certain feeling and really require the touch of someone who understands the intricacies of a formal garden to make sure to develop a garden that is inviting and not ominous.  I love the regal feeling of a well-created formal garden.

The last key to a perfect garden is sustainability.  The idea is to create a garden that is comfortable, functional, beautiful, requires little effort to maintain and keep looking beautiful year after year, and contributes to keeping your home as green as possible.

Whether you look at conservation as your contribution to a better world and environment or as a way to save more money each month on utility bills, either way you win.  As an expert in horticulture, I know the best way to combine aesthetics and conservation.

After your design is complete, you need experts to install your landscape according to the grand concept of your design.  I will manage your  project to not only make sure the best contractors are working on your home, but also to make sure that they adhere to the concept and that you end up with the result you wanted.  I am unlike others you may speak with because I will communicate with you very frequently to make sure you know what is going on with your project every moment and make the process one in which you are in control. 

I look forward to working with you to create your own Outdoor Living Spaces.  As you can tell, I am as interested in how your garden feels as how it looks.  Learn more About me and my qualifications and read some more Information for Potential Clients, then give me a call.  I look forward to helping you to live, play and enJOY…Life OUTSIDE!