How to Hire a Gardener (or just a lawn mower)

I am asked all the time if I know someone that mows lawns, pulls weeds, or does other small yard maintenance and enhancement projects.  Now I do–me. 

lawn-mowingMy decision to provide lawn mowing and other gardening services comes as a result of weathering the current economy, but is very good news for all of you out there that have begged me in the past to take care of your yards.

I have avoided this in the past because I knew that if I wasn’t the one to come and actually mow your lawn, I would have to charge way too much for the price to be competitive…so now I am going to come and personally mow your lawn, so you get the eyes of a real expert on your yard each week.

With my eyes on your yard each week, we can start to freshen up the small details that have annoyed you for years and work towards a healthier yard that will look better and better each year. 

I will be offering a monthly sprinkler check as an upgrade to your mowing service.  With this service, I will be checking for breaks and poor coverage and then implementing the watering strategies I cover in my posts on how to water.  Your lawn will be healthier and you will be able to save some money on your water bill in the future.

As well as the sprinkler check, I will be offering pruning, dead heading, and general clean-up services.  Proper pruning and dead heading will help your trees, shrubs and perennials to be healthier and produce more and larger flowers and fruit. 

Of course I am available for enhancement projects and for other small projects like weeding.  I am considering even offering holiday lighting this year, depending on the demand.  If I do go forward with the holiday lighting, we will be offering lit, stand-in trees for both the Halloween and the Christmas holidays.  Stand-in trees are a secret that Temple Square uses to make their grounds look so beautiful during Christmas.

So, leave a comment below with your contact information and I will get in touch with you.  As a note, if you do leave a comment, I will not post your personal information on my website.

Thanks all and happy gardening!

live, play, enJOY…Life OUTSIDE!


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